Biological & Regenerative Farm Consultancy Service

After 10 years of biological farming

Rapid pasture improvement

Bev Trowbridge, Consultant
B.Sc.(Hons)1st class; PG.Dip. Arts: Ph.D.

New to farming? Feeling out of your depth?
Struggling with livestock health and/or land management issues?
Looking for an approach which is easy on the pocket , easy on the land, & easy on the eye?
Interested in real food from your own land?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions- we can help!

  • Bev has been farming her own land for over 26yrs;
  • Her approach to farming is to work with nature to get the best from the soil
  • A qualified ecologist with over 35yrs land management experience
  • Specializes in matching livestock to the environmental conditions
  • Breeds and rears livestock suited to biological farming
  • Understand the needs of the small and medium sized farmer
  • Understands the science and the practicalities from first hand experience
  • Award-winning farm demonstrating success of this approach
  • Works with a wide range of land managers, and public-interest groups
  • Has been consulting for many years with easy-going, informative approach
  • Experience of paddock to plate direct sales businesses

As an independent consultant Bev is also available for group workshops and professional presentations.
To enquire about a site consultation please fill out our enquiry form here.

Bev can travel to on-farm consultations in the Northland & Auckland regions; enquiries from further afield may be considered depending on availability.
(Please note we cannot enter into consultations without first seeing your land & discussing your farming situation, however, further consultations can be by phone or e-mail).

Investing in the right advice upfront, or even part-way through, can save you a huge amount of time, money & stress, and mean that you can actually get the most from your land & live that dream!